About APR


The Asian Pop Review is a university graduate with majors in Creative Writing and Japanese.

She has a passion for writing (obviously) and enjoys sharing opinions on topics about which she doesn’t necessarily know a great deal. With no actual qualification in music she certainly has no right to be blasting this particular field but with an unbiased opinion she hopes to share some insight into the various asian music floating around today in an unabashed and perhaps humourous manner.

Atleast, that is what she tells people.

Despite the somewhat sardonic fashion in which she approaches this blog, APR assures readers she actually does like Asian pop. She has followed Asian pop culture in some form for nine years now and the spectrum of her understanding has only broadened throughout this time. With music at the forefront of her passion, this blog as become the mode in which she chooses to express her many, many opinions on the industry.

Take everything with a grain of salt.


2 responses

  1. Hi! I followed you, hoping for awesome review in the future! You’re pretty nice for being blunt and brutal reviewer. I would probably fall under the category of threatening and violent reviewer if you are brutal, lol.

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