Because I have nothing better to do than listen to music and write shit about it

Hello all,

This is a blog for those wanting an upfront and perhaps a little harsh look of the music coming out of Asia. I’ll be reviewing albums, singles, mini-albums and music videos, and perhaps even offering some commentary on other goings on within the industry.

If you’re someone who thinks your oppars and unnies are flawless and everything they produce is a shiny, perfect rainbow, then perhaps you should not read this blog. I will be ranting, raving and tearing apart everything, even my favourite groups.

Why? Because it’s fun.

And no one is perfect and even your favourite idols will produce shit. Probably more often than you want to admit.

In any case, I will updating when I feel like, starting with the backlog of albums etc I have at my disposal, interspersing with anything new that takes my fancy.

If you have something you’d like me to tear apart, please email me at:

I’ll do my best to fulfill all requests as I’m always looking for something to rant about.

But then again, I may not.